Montana Hemp and Cannabis Coalition

About Our Mission

The Montana Hemp and Cannabis Coalition was created to help guide the legislative process for Hemp and Cannabis issues in Montana. To ensure public health and safety regarding the growing, sales and consumption cannabis and cannabis derived products. To ensure all patients, growers/providers and future cannabis consumers have fair representation in our State capitol or through the initiative process as well as help define rules and regulation in the production and sales of industrial hemp and hemp products.

The MTHCC serves the best interests of the State of Montana and all its citizens by working towards common sense solutions for safe and well-regulated cannabis and hemp markets in Montana

This organization was formed to help guide our legislators in reforming the existing Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Laws, as well as introducing a Recreational Cannabis Law. We are registered as a social welfare organization and our focus is to improve the welfare of those directly involved with hemp and cannabis, as well as the general public and our community as a whole.